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Photograph of Colleen Gangemi


Empowering parents to develop the skills and parenting plans to provide maximum growth for their family is Colleen’s mission, based on empirically proven methods and research.


Colleen has been practicing early intervention, family training and inclusion-based intervention since 1990. Her belief that parents are both the experts and critical lifelong advocates for their children has shaped the educational, research and professional decisions leading to her specialization in Developmental Interventions and Parent Training. 

With a Masters degree in Developmental Education and an undergraduate degree in Special Education, Colleen has many years of experience in the assessing, producing objectives within, and implementing developmentally appropriate plans of intervention and positive behavior supports. Colleen has educated teachers, physicians, therapists and related school personnel about the fundamentals of autism, developmental disabilities, and the role of developmentally based interventions. She has provided consultation and training in various school districts in New Jersey. Colleen is certified as an Early Start Denver Model Therapist, as well as an ESDM Trainer, providing certification training to other therapists to practice this model of intervention. Colleen is additionally certified as an RDI Consultant (Relationship Development Intervention) and has co-taught the social language learning programs “It Takes Two to Talk” and “More Than Words” from the Hanen Centre.

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