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Family Focus

Colleen Gangemi has helped many families better connect with and support their children. Some of those families have shared below how their experiences with Better Together Autism have touched and continue to shape their lives. 

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My family began receiving parent training when my son was a non-verbal and primarily unengaged toddler. Colleen Gangemi was able to observe him remotely and through guided instruction, set goals related to communication, engagement and other core deficit areas. My child is now 11 and continuing to progress substantially. Parent training is the best thing we could’ve done to ensure his success and happiness.
L. Rice
What a difference parent training makes! Colleen’s guidance has been essential to our growth as parents while enabling us to put structure around building a relationship with our son. That relationship building has been the foundation for our son's success and we will be forever grateful!
Anonymous Parent
Working on a parent-training model with Colleen Gangemi has not only effectively improved the way I administer therapeutic practices to my autistic-child, but has given me back confidence in my parenting. After my child’s diagnosis, I often felt like I didn’t know how to help. Colleen’s parent training model gave me the tools to be competent and capable of meeting my child’s needs, and for that, I am forever grateful. I feel like I am not just a better parent of an autistic child, but a better parent in general for using this method.
My family and I have been working with Colleen Gangemi since our son’s initial diagnosis six years ago. In that time, she has allowed my wife and I to flourish under her tutelage and become more adept at helping our son in a family structured dynamic. As a parent who works long hours and is sometimes unavailable to make certain therapy sessions, she finds ways to ensure I am equally included in my son’s program as my wife is. My son’s improvement amazes me every day, and I am thankful to have Colleen on our team.
No question that receiving an ASD diagnosis is hard. For our family the impact of the diagnosis has been mitigated by the fact that we feel empowered to help our child. That sense of empowerment can be attributed in large part to receiving parent coaching from Colleen. Colleen’s extensive experience and background coupled with her passion for working with families impacted by autism in a developmental, relationship based way, has helped our family immeasurably. In our short time working with Colleen, we have seen significant and measurable changes in our child This trajectory, has given us hope that our continued work will yield great outcomes for our child. I highly recommended Colleen and her approach to parent coaching.
Colleen Gangemi's parent training program changed the trajectory of our son's life as well as our family for the better. Her expert advice and strategies permeated nearly every aspect of our parenting style and in turn we are seeing successes we thought were unachievable.
Anonymous Parent
The parent-focused training has been very helpful in how we evaluate our interactions with our son. It has allowed us to find opportunities for growth and learning in our everyday activities. In the 9 months we have worked with Colleen, we have seen tremendous successes and progress that has us very encouraged, and we look forward to continuing on our path. Colleen is incredibly accommodating with her time and we feel she goes the extra mile to ensure we are doing everything we can for our son during these crucial developmental years.
Anonymous Parent

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