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Better Together Consultation is dedicated to providing current scientific, evidence-based protocols in parent and therapist centered education. Better Together provides training that will provide neuro-diverse children with an opportunity to gain motivation, skills, agency and ease in their lives within the family, their school settings and the broader community. 

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Why choose a Parent Training Model for your family?

All learning is influenced by the quality of relationships between learners and their teachers. Certain neurological differences can disrupt the parent-child learning paradigm.

Parent training in Developmental Therapy seeks to:

  • Restore parents as the primary influencer of their child’s development
  • Apply evidence based approaches for increasing the child’s progress 
  • Increase your understanding of you child’s needs and the successful management of their behavior 
  • Empower families with skills and knowledge through personalized education and coaching 
  • Decrease stress and balance the family needs
  • Capitalize on utilizing your time at home and as a family to naturally work on needed growth for your child


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